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Military Discount Mattresses

Military Discounts

Everyone that fights for our freedom deserves a good night’s sleep! Come in to the Mattress Shop near Fort Bragg today– and we’ll make sure you get just that! Thank you for your service!

We feel like it’s our job as an American business to be able to successfully provide members of the US Military with sufficient sleep material that they deserve and for the best prices! We thank you for your services and overseas tours throughout the world, especially Iraq and Afghanistan, and we’re grateful you could make it home to your loved ones.

We’ve owned previous businesses, but for nearly a year The Mattress Shop has been proud to supply decent products to the men and women who defend our country. So, as long as we’re in business, all service members– active or retired– can visit any Mattress Shop location, and get 10% off everything we provide on top of the low costs we already give!

There aren’t many mattress stores doing what we do or for our prices. Once we’ve made you a happy customer, please spread the word via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to those close to you about our products.  We provide the military with the lowest priced discount mattresses!  We’re close to Ft. Bragg in Fayetteville North Carolina.
Visit us today or call 910-689-8891. We’ve got mattresses for the whole family, so hurry in today!

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